Thursday, 9 December 2010

Juilan Assange: Why Sleeping with a Feminist is Risky

The smear campaign against WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange gets really interesting. One of the women who filed charges against Julian Assange is Anna Ardin. She has a twitter account and also a blog, where she describes herself as:

"A political scientist, communicator, entrepreneur, and freelance writer with special knowledge within faith and politics, gender equality issues, feminism, and Latin America."

Below are some tweets that were deleted from her twitter account:

On 14 August at 14:00 she wrote on her Twitter account...

'Julian wants to go to a crayfish party, anyone have a couple of available seats tonight or tomorrow? #fb'

On 15 August at 02:00 she wrote on her Twitter account...

'Sitting outdoors at 02:00 and hardly freezing with the world's coolest smartest people, it's amazing! #fb'

Now the reported charges takes place on the night of 14th August. By deleting these tweets, Anna Ardin clearly didn't want her 'then' opinion about Assange to persist.

It probably slipped Ms Ardins mind that her tweets were being echoed on another of her blogs at (now deleted) and that Google Cache would save a snapshot of that page.

And here is an amusing bit of advice from Anna Ardins own blog about her 7-Step Programme for Legal Revenge

The reaction and behavior of Swedish authorities throughout this case has been very juvenile, bordering on outrageously ridiculous. I like what Melbourne barrister James D. Catlin had to say about this:

"...make no mistake: it is not Julian Assange that is on trial here but Sweden and its reputation as a modern and model country with rules of law"

This post is based on revelations first published at Rixstep.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Spectrum Development in Pictures

Rick Dickinson was an industrial designer at Sinclair Research and was involved with some of Sinclair's most popular early home computers including the ZX Spctrum. He has posted a wonderful collection of Sinclair Spectrum Development Photos over at Flickr. Heres a glimpse...

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Monday, 16 November 2009

The History & Future of Computing

This is an excellent video about the history & future of computing and the information explosion...

Friday, 13 June 2008

Everything is going to be OK. I'm an MBA

No its not.
I've thought about this long and hard. And I'm finally going to say this, even at the risk of displeasing some friends and colleagues. I've never read any references that directly led me to this fact, nor seen any research findings whatsoever that establish a corelation, and nor do I attribute this to a pre-conceived notion arising out of professional jealousy. Yet it is more than a gut feeling, verified consistently throughout a period of the last 18 years. I'm going to say it, for the simple reason that it should be heard, discussed, criticized, thought about, and above all, ... out in the open.
Here it goes...

"An MBA graduate is undeniably an idiot"

That's it. There, I said it first. Doesn't matter where you got you're degree from. Doesn't matter if its a one or two year course, part-time or full-time. Doesn't matter if you're employed with a top firm and minting money as a result. Doesn't matter what you specialized in. Doesn't matter if you traveled abroad to do it. Doesn't matter if you consider you're lifestyle a notch above the rest and a flying success. Now before you get really cross with what I've just said, I'd like to point out that there are exceptions to every rule and fact - in this case however, the exceptions are far and few. Therefore, if you have an MBA credential, and think you are one of the exceptions, then you're probably wrong.

Then how do you determine whether you are not an idiot even though you have an MBA degree? If you were performing a role at your workplace, and realized that there were certain skills that you needed in order to effectively complete your assignment and those skills were something that was taught in B-schools, and this prompted you to upgrade your skills and seek new methodologies, then you are possibly an exception. If you did your MBA before it was fashionable to do so (I'm talking pre-90's here) then you're quite possibly an exception too. If you decided on an MBA credential for any other reason and in the past decade, then I'm afraid you're not.

I'm not going to try and provide all the reasons in a single post. Neither am I going to be unfair and mention that because President George W. Bush also has an MBA from Harvard, my statement is a simple corollary. Its suffice to say that the separation of personal ethics from professional ethics is what lies at the crux of the matter. If a B-School curriculum justifies that separation whether by imbibing or implying it, then there are definitely going to be more Enrons and Exxons for the world to expose.

If you disagree with this fact, its okay to let me know. If you agree with this I would really like you to drop me a comment - it would be relieving for me to know that there is hope.

As an end-note, lets play spot the MBA...

Person 1 says: The glass is half full
Person 2 says: The glass is half empty
Person 3 says: The glass is twice as large as it should be

Update: It has been widely rumored that the title of this blog post were the exact words uttered by Satyam's ex-chairmain minutes before he walked into his prison cell. Ramalinga Raju has an MBA from Ohio University, and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School.

Another update: Found an interesting paper the other day - The End of Business Schools - Less Success Than Meets the Eye by Jeffrey Pfeffer and Christina T. Fong. Worth a read.